Introducing my Thesis Blog!

OK. So this fall I’m supposed to start my integrative project, also known more impressively (maybe?) as my master’s thesis. This is why you haven’t heard much from me this summer: I am freaking out. But I thought I’d exploit my own fear, anxiety, and intimidation by blogging about my thesis–and all the fear, anxiety, and intimidation that comes with it. This seems appropriate since I plan to write my thesis on theology and contemporary literature (tah-dah!).

Here’s my plan: Throughout the rest of this summer and upcoming school year, I will blog through my researching and writing process, as it pertains to the theme of this blog. Hopefully what I learn from this process will be interesting and educational for you all, as well as something therapeutic and helpful for me. Maybe I’m asking a lot.

Anyway, whenever you see a blog post with the words “thesis blog” in the title, you will know you are reading specifically about my thesis progression. You’ll also note the new category heading on the menu bar: “thesis blog.” I also hope to blog more generally about theology and literature this summer and upcoming year and have some wonderful guest bloggers fill in any literary or theological gaps.

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I am a Ph.D. student studying social ethics in New Jersey. I love coffee, rainy days, and John Updike. Learn more about me at