Thesis Blog: Three Months Later

My talking about my thesis trickled out some time in February, probably when I was freaking out the most. I didn’t want you all to have to bear the craziness. Heh.

But it’s all over, and it’s been over for some time. I opened my thesis document for the first time last week, but couldn’t get myself to read more than one section (my favorite section) without feeling nauseous. Too much went into that thing.

I’ll say the Integrative Project at the Seattle School is more than just a short thesis; it’s the tangible product of two, three, or four years of questions, crying, desires, conversations, and rebellions. There’s something deeply personal in everyone’s work; I want to say “especially mine.”

So for those of you interested, here’s theĀ 11-minute summation of my work:

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I am an assistant instructor at a graduate school in Seattle, Washington, and I hold a master of the arts in theology and culture. I love coffee, rainy days, and John Updike. Learn more about me at

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